Fantagians’ Got Talent

Fantage Shines!

Sorry about the delaying and stuff, but here is the contest. It’s not going to be a giveaway, but I just feel like one simple draw shouldn’t be it to give person stuff… There has to be effort made into it, and yeah…. It’s going to be a contest.


The post I wrote like two hours ago is just like a “trailer”… That isn’t the contest post. This is!!!


So yeah… To join this contest, you must comment your username on Fantage. Non-bloggers are welcome to join too! So don’t feel left out, you are a part of this amzing blog too!


You must also reblog to your OWN blog to be eligable to enter.

Registration ends on Sunday-July 21, 2013.


Now lets go to the prizes. Are you excited? I made a poster for it, XD


There will be several rounds in this Fantagians Got…

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