Got told I didn’t design anything and is a liar

I was asked if I designed the Crazy Streaks, yes indeed I did. This was from 2013 contest. Leah0913 came up and blocked my face saying I couldn’t have done it since I was a low level and not a Premium member. The girl would not move away and continues to stand in front saying I lied. Well, Leah0914 I got proof and you can’t do a thing about it.

ImageImageImageFantage user inspired items Fantage user inspired items Male


Got my art stolen by Hayam00

Be on the lookout for a Fantage art thief known as Hayam00. I treat my artworks as children, having it stolen means my kids got kidnapped. This means a lot to me. She is a known scammer and liar, do not be tricked by her.


I worked real hard on this and not having any confidence makes it tougher for me.


Fantagians’ Got Talent

Fantage Shines!

Sorry about the delaying and stuff, but here is the contest. It’s not going to be a giveaway, but I just feel like one simple draw shouldn’t be it to give person stuff… There has to be effort made into it, and yeah…. It’s going to be a contest.


The post I wrote like two hours ago is just like a “trailer”… That isn’t the contest post. This is!!!


So yeah… To join this contest, you must comment your username on Fantage. Non-bloggers are welcome to join too! So don’t feel left out, you are a part of this amzing blog too!


You must also reblog to your OWN blog to be eligable to enter.

Registration ends on Sunday-July 21, 2013.


Now lets go to the prizes. Are you excited? I made a poster for it, XD


There will be several rounds in this Fantagians Got…

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